Boats launch from Ma’alaea – the most easily reached, centralized harbor on the island. You can go on the morning Molokini Snorkeling Tour, the Sunset Dinner Cruise, the seasonal Whale Watch, and – for super special occasions — the Private Charter!

Quicksilver Maui

All Aboard the Quicksilver  catamaran in Maui

No matter what excursion you choose, it will be a highlight of your time spent in Maui. Ready for adventure? Book a tour online now!

Malolo Molokini

A great value for laid back tours, The Malalo 55 foot catamaran 

If you love to swim, snorkel, scuba dive, bird watch, or simply feel the history of somewhere new, this place is awesome. There is no way you can call your visit to Maui complete without a Molokini snorkeling experience

Calypso Maui

The newest and largest catamaran the Calypso

This motorized catamaran is built with three decks of fun, and is a wonderful vessel for landlubbers and ocean adventurers alike. The Calypso Maui operates like a spacious, floating amusement park, and her double hulls are built for stability. When the boat is moving forward, the twin hulls cut smartly through the water, leaving most of the craft to float high above the waves, and ride on top of the sea-surface winds. This leads to a comfortable, smooth catamaran snorkeling trip in Maui for you and your group, even when island trade-winds factor to make a type specimen book.