Professional Management with Family Values


Aloha!  Maui Sunset Vacation Rentals is a management company with 40+ years of experience. The Vacation Rental industry is growing and changing as municipalities move to regulate and tax.   Hawaii and Maui especially are under pressure to change the tourism and resident dynamic. Our company is uniquely situated to protect, inform, and maximize the enjoyment of your Maui home.

Majority of customers are repeat or direct from our website, these relationships save on 3rd party booking fees.   We are the only company the specializes in Maui Sunset. The go-to company for groups as we can accommodate multiple condo requests.   Best competitive advantage the overlapping marketing, guests attracted by one condo may end up booking yours and vice versa.   Exclusive arrangements with the leading travel agencies provide even more exposure., Expedia, RCI, Interval International, DAE, 7Across, AirBnB, VRBO and many more

Our History

Family-owned company founded in 1980 by Borge, Ed, and Tom Meyer as American Resort Marketing, Inc. Rentals began out of necessity as the Maui Sunset was newly constructed and much of the property was vacant.  Borge and Gurli moved to Maui and sold majority of the condos, relationships built continue to this day.  As a resort condominium complex the property maintains its world class grounds and amenities. Continuing the tradition when Steve, Carrie and Renee purchased the company in 2018. Unmatched experience in owning and managing vacation rental condos at the Maui Sunset. Licensed as a Condominium Hotel Operator fulfilling the “on-island contact” requirement. Steve serves on the Maui Sunset Homeowner Board.

If interested in more information on becoming an owner or management of a condominium, please contact Steve Meyer at 1-800-233-3310 or 808-879-7011