Maui Sunset - Timeshare Ownership

2-week deeded ownerships or Timeshares at Maui Sunset provide a way to own a piece of Maui Sunset without the major investment of a full condominium.  American Resort Marketing provides special benefits to the Maui Sunset two-week timeshare owners. We have been helping owners get the most of their ownership for over 40 years.

Trades, Upgrades and Rentals

Did you know you can trade one or both of your weeks for a different time of year at Maui Sunset? Trade for like season during timeshare dates for only $216 per week. Upgrade to a 2-bedroom condo for $70 per night. Trades and upgrades are based on availability. Rentals are available if you need extra time, up to 10% off weekly prices.

Guests and Usage

If you are not using your full two weeks or have guests using all or part of your time, please notify us via e-mail or visit to fill out a guest form

Trading Companys

Maui Sunset and Maui Kai is affiliated with both RCI and Interval International

What are Timeshare Dates?

Your ownership has fixed dates according to the deed.  Check in day can be mid-week or weekend, please check your calendar dates.   CLICK HERE for the Timeshare Calendar.

Want to transfer deed to a relative?

The deed must be recorded in Hawaii in accordance with the Bureau of Conveyance guidelines. We recommend Hawaii Document Service 1-888-628-9555

How much are the maintenance dues?

The Timeshare fees are based on actual costs and set by the Board of Directors each Fall.  Statements are issued from the Plan Manager twice yearly and are due Jan 31 and July 31 each year. Dues include annual operating funds, a reserve account for refurbishment, utilities, and property taxes.

Timeshare Re-Sales

Be careful of paying upfront fees to list or sell your timeshare, most are scams and very rarely sell an interval. Maui Sunset is a deeded property and a popular property, so your deed has worth.  If you would like to sell your weeks or purchase additional time, please visit

Fractional Ownership